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Below is a list of the services and discriptions of what we provide in the Telford and surrounding area.  Discounts maybe available for certain things, please ask when you contact us.

Dog Walking

We offer dog walking for all types of dogs from

the age of 12 weeks. Please note puppies will only be walked  as age approate due to their bones still developing.

Walks from 25 mins, 45 mins, 1 hour or as long as required.

Small Group Walks

We offer small group walks of 3 dogs of similar size, age and behaviour for added social interaction and enrichment. This is idea for high energised dogs or young dogs with limited social interactions.


Cat Sitting Visit
We will visit your cat once or twice a day
for 20 minutes to an hour to provide enrichment and
interaction/company. Feeding, grooming, playtime and any medications needed, will be given on owners written instructions.


Emergency Care

If the owner is taken into hospital or requires treatment and needs assistance to look after their pets. We will provide a care plan tailored to your requirements. 

Small Animal Care
We will look after any type of small animal either in
owners home or our own depending on owners requirements. Once or twice a day visits from 25 minuets to a hour per time to include feeding, play time and general TLC.
Dog Sitting
We will visit your dog/s once or twice a day
for 45 mins to an hour or during the day and overnight to provide enrichment and interaction/company. Feeding, grooming, play and any medications needed will be given on owners written instructions. Or stay over night if required in pets own home. This is the best choice for nervous and young dogs as they are kept in there own enviroment and reduces stress and anxiety. Can also be tailored to suit your requirements.

Small Holding Sitting

We will look after any animals that you may have on your small holding including, sheep, cows, goats, pigs, fowl, and house pets.


We provide Equine care, basic exercise i.e schooling or lunging depending on owners requirments, feeding, grooming, mucking out, poo picking, medication,

rug change and turn out. Also anything else owner may require doing.


We offer mobile nail triming for all breeds of dog. All trims will be undertaken in pets own home Covid measures will be in place and all items use will be disinfected inbetween appointments. If the dog becomes stressed or aggressive the trim will be stopped and may not be completed on the same day this is to ensure saftey to myself and the dog. Fee will still be payable.

Behaviour Modications

Do you have a dog with a behaviour problem for example: Agressive to other dogs, food guards, barks, worried about fireworks, chewing or biting problems, lead pulling, poor recall. Let us help you today. contact us today to arrange an assesment.

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