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About Us

The Pet Care People are a small family run business based in Telford Shropshire, established before 2014. We are here to provide assistance and care to all types of animals and owners within our community. Our services are available to everyone no matter what your personal circumstances are because we believe everyone needs someone to help every now and again.  

All dogs welcome

What we do?


We offer a range of animal care services, whether you need a dog walker, puppy socializing, cat visiting, Illness cover, holiday cover, animal care both small & large animals or just someone to pop in to have some play time with your animals or if you have limited ability. Most importantly we will treat your animals like we would our own with love, respect, compassion and friendliness. 

Our Experience


We have many years of experience with animals, from owning a range of pets of all shapes and sizes to working within Veterinary practices to equestrian yards, farms and from studying at collage in animal care and management. We have worked with animals ranging from gerbils, rats, hamsters, degus, fish, tortoises, exotic animals (lizards & snakes), cats, dogs, goats, sheep, alpacas, ponies, horses, cows and many more. No matter what your animal they will be professionally looked after by us.

Max is our family dog



He is our most recent arrival we brought him as an 8 week old puppy on Christmas Eve 2014.


Max is a Yellow Lab with good breeding and temperament, he is in training to be a farm dog and will be starting soon doing agility. He is my daughter’s best friend and loves to run off with her toys to engage her in play and he loves to learn tricks.


Max the Labrador
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