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Telford Pawdicures/ Claw Clipping

Dog Pawdicures/Dog claw Clipping

Do you have a pet that struggles to walk or suffering from discomfort them maybe they need their claws checked.

Its easy to tell if your pets claws are too long by looking at your pet while they are standing up do their claws touch the floor, curl or cross over if so then they will need trimming.

By keeping your pets claws trimmed helps to reduce stress on their joints, limits them being caught or breaking. 

If your pet needs their claws trimming contact us today to arrange an appointment.

We are mobile and come to you most appointments take approximately around 15 minuets.

Dog at the Beach
Pet Claw Clipping services

Pet Pawdicure

If your need your pets
claws clipping
Contact us today
by call (07791254444) or email.

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