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 Telford Pet Cremation Services

After many years of being a pet owner, we must make some hard decisions when it comes to what is best for our pets. Like with all amazing animals their time on earth is not very long. When they reach the end of their journey we want to make sure all pets have a respectful departing to the green fields in heaven.

As pet owners ourselves we have faced the devastating loss of our beloved family pets and understand how much of a difficult time it can be, we have decided to help others by offering a personal and professional way to send our beloved pets to heaven.


We have secured the professional services of a local family run business who offer individual pet cremation services from rabbits to Extra Large dogs. Who offer personalized packages to meet your requirements and wishes.

We are delighted to offer the following:

Individual Cremations - Your pet will be placed in a chamber on its own and for peace of mind you can be confident that you will receive only your pets’ ashes. No Mass cremations or kept for weeks in freezers with other animals.

Collection Service - Your Pet can be collected from either your home or Veterinary Practise in a respectful manner and transported in a suitable vehicle.

For your benefit we offer an additional selection of Cremation services as listed below to suit your requirements: 

(A)  Immediate Cremation Service:  Your pet can be prioritised with immediate cremation with ashes returned within a few      

      hours. (There is an additional charge for this service).

(B)  Same Day Cremation;  Your pet is prioritised and ensuring ashes are available within 24 hours.

       (There is an additional charge for this service). 

(C)  Attended Cremation Service;  Allows you the opportunity to be present when your pet is carefully placed into the    

       chamber for Cremation.  (There is an additional charge for this service).


Chapel of Rest- If you would like to bring your pet in, there is a chapel of rest for you to spend time with your pet to say your final farewells.

Return of Ashes- Your beloved pets ashes can either be returned to your home or your veterinary practice within a container of your choice, with a certificate of cremation.

Here are some of the lovely Pet caskets and Urns we have available.

Please note:

Pet cremations are carried out by a local independent family run company based in Eccleshall and not by ourselves.

We do not supply individual coffins for home burials.

pet cremation caskets
All pets are missed.
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