Dog Walking Telford


We aim to offer a personal dog walking service, whether you need your dog walked first thing in the morning, morning and evening or just around lunch time to break up the day we have it covered. We are flexible and can help out at short notice if required.

Types of walks we provide

All dogs walked will be walked on an individual basis or with any other dogs within the household. This is to prevent dogs being bullied or getting stress from being around dogs they do not know. We believe you should get what you pay for and for us, we would rather our dog have one to one than being walked with dogs who may have bad habits or can be unpredictable. The safety of each and every dog is our main concern.


Young dogs will be walked for 5 minutes per month of age as recommended and will have playtime to make up the remainder of the time.

The reason why we limit the time that puppies are walked is for one main reason: Because their bones are still growing and are soft and more prone to suffer injuries.  Growth plates are soft areas located near the ends of the bones in puppies and young dogs. Below is an x-ray of a 2 week old puppy note that the femur bone has not yet fully formed.  The next x-ray is of a 7 month old the growth plates are still visible and the bones are now starting to harden up.  The last x-ray is of an adult dog, the growth plates have closed and are no longer visible usually around 12 months of age but often depends on breed of dog.


Do you have a pup that is not ready for walks yet? Or an ill or elderly dog? We can also do visits for comfort breaks and playtime in the garden for puppies or dogs that are not able to go for walks.
All our walks and visits include towelling off muddy/wet paws and time for a treat!

For your peace of mind you will be sent an update of your pet after the walk/visit via SMS, email or on Facebook!

Please contact us to discuss your needs!

Please note that we operate a 24 hour cancellation period.

All dog walks are charged on a weekly basis.

Pease contact us either by text, email or via our facebook page.